E.A.Mattes Correction Hunter Pad with Bare Flaps

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Mattes hunter pads have sheepskin panels under the saddle for protection, while the unlined flaps minimize bulk under the rider’s leg. Plush sheepskin trim cradles and lines the saddle beautifully for the show ring.

The Mattes CORRECTION-SYSTEM® helps maintain balance and straightness for horses that change form through a season or have asymmetries. POLY-FLEX® Shims are resilient, do not bottom out like foam or other materials, and allow incremental adjustments to be made easily. The shims are 5mm thick, designed to be layered, and are easily trimmed with scissors to taper the ends and create a pressure free fit if multiple shims are necessary. Twelve shims are included, 6 front and 6 back.

E.A. Mattes Platinum Collection pads are handmade with beautifully dense and soft sheepskin. The anatomically correct topline design of Mattes pads follows the contour of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. The patented SPINE FREE® design ensures the spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension, which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on the sensitive area of the back around the spine. Sheepskin has long been known for its amazing natural properties, including heat dissemination, breathability, and ability to eliminate friction and bounce. Each hide is thoroughly inspected, hand picked for quality, and pads are made with full hides to ensure no seams contact the horse’s back.