E.A. Mattes Slim-line Crescent Short Girth- In Stock

E.A. Mattes Slim-line Crescent Short Girth- In Stock

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Crescent-shaped girths from E.A. Mattes are designed to accommodate the conformation of horses with a narrow girth position; a short back and wider rib cage that can cause girths to slip forward into the elbow. The shape of the crescent girth prevents the girth from being pushed forward, leaving plenty of space for the elbows, and helps reduce galling. 

E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Girths are designed with the understanding that conformation varies from horse to horse, which can affect girth and saddle fit. With a variety of girth shapes available, E.A. Mattes can help solve your horse’s girthing woes. Plush sheepskin protects against rubbing, galling, and pressure points, while effectively disseminating heat and reducing friction.

Detachable and washable sheepskin covers simplify maintenance, and additional covers may be purchased separately, making it easy to rotate between horses, or change covers for washing.

Colors and sizes shown here are in stock and ready to ship. Many other sizes and colors are available by special order.