Herm Sprenger KK Ultra 14mm Loose Ring Snaffle

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra 14mm Loose Ring Snaffle

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14mm mouthpiece, 70mm rings.

KK Ultra bits by Herm Sprenger were developed based on scientific research, with the goal of creating an effective bit that is comfortable and anatomically appropriate for the horse. The middle link is comparatively shorter than on a traditional bit, and its 45° angle position achieves precise communication from the rider's hand. When the reins are taken up, the middle link gently rolls over the tongue, stimulating the sense of touch without exerting pressure.

Sensogan is a new bit material developed by Sprenger, with an appealing taste that encourages salivation and bit acceptance. Product testing has shown a very positive influence on the horse's satisfaction, motivation, and willingness to perform. 

Made in Germany.